Pointed Heel Fully Fashioned Stocking

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Gio stockings are fashioned by hand on specialist Reading Machines, only a handful of which remain operational in the world. This knitting technique alone is capable of shaping the hosiery to fit your leg perfectly for pure elegance. These stockings make a truly irresistible choice for that special occasion.

Double welt for comfort, authentic welt loop, classic seam, stylishly graduated point heel, strong instep, reinforced fitted toe, shaped to fit thigh and calf for consistent leg colour. Made in England. Supply of these stockings are short but keep coming in. The manufacturing process is very lengthy with low production rate.

100% multi filament Nylon
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I'm ADDICTED to these stockings. They're truly a product of their time. Love the quality, material and fit. Have been looking for these EVERYWHERE and glad to know that these are sold in Canada. Putting these on is the sexiest part of getting dressed. There is something indescribably lusty about a fully-fashioned stocking!
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