Atena 15 Stockings

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The designer dress, the strappy heels, the polished nails, the fine jewelry. All the necessities for an elegant and classy outing. But before the hair and makeup, you gently open your lingerie drawer to delicately choose your underpinnings, fro there the evening begins.

The ritual of fastening your lace garter belt firmly to your wait presents itself with an overwhelming feeling of femininity and tradition. Pointing your toes and sliding into a pair of stockings to meet the awaiting garter clips is a personal highlight only you enjoy, even for a brief moment. Fastening stockings is a mood changer, a wondrous feeling over takes you and sets the mood for the entire night.

The Atena 15 features a delicate Italian lace, a lace to accent even the most expensive bra and panty set. A high quality fibre has been used in Atena, smooth and uniform in colour to provide a whisper of colour that perfectly enhances your legs for your elegant event.

-fully boarded -sheer toes

-Made in Italy

91% Nylon, 9% Elastane

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