Agnès 15 Stockings

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These ultra sheer stockings have it all. Traditional styling with features found in only 100% nylon stockings from years past. Cervin has designed a gorgeous modern stocking with the benefits of Lycra fibre to give your legs a luminous finish with superb fit using double covered lycra.

To provide the same form fitting comfort in the leg, Cervin masters the reciprocated heel and with the Agnès they do not disappoint when it comes to traditional knitting. The heel is a transparent nylon, sheer and gossamer looking, it’s there to provide you perfect heel placement and to relieve the stocking from the pressure related in this heel area. The toe is also knitted with the same yarn as the heel, shiny reinforcement and together the heel and toes make up a very sexy foot silhouette, perfect for those strappy heels.

The wide and transparent gloss welt is perfect to hook your traditional garters to, sheer yet strong and tops off these gloss stockings with a traditional leg look with the modern textile craftsmanship Cervin is known for. Simply divine.

-Fully boarded

-reinforced toes

-reciprocated heels

-Made in France

85% Nylon, 15% Lycra

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