CAD $26.95
Bridal Lace Top Stockings
by Charnos
Very elegant and trditional Lace Top bridal stockings
CAD $9.99
Barbara Stockings Plain top 100% Nylon stockings with reinforced toes.
CAD $10.95
Vidrio 15 Stockings

Sheer glossy and transparent stockings

CAD $59.95
Liberation Stockings
by Cervin
Fully fashioned semi opaque stockings, 45 denier
CAD $67.95
Champs Elysees
by Cervin
100% silk stocking, traditional beauty!
CAD $21.95
Capri Bicolore Stocking
by Cervin
Contrasting bi-colour welt 100% Nylon stocking
CAD $31.95
Capri 7 Stocking
by Cervin
100% Nylon extremely transparent stocking
CAD $28.95
Capri 10 Stocking
by Cervin
100% Nylon transparent stocking
CAD $24.95
Capri 15 Stockings
by Cervin
100% Nylon RHT stockings in 15 denier
CAD $20.95
Agnès 15 Stockings
by Cervin

Ultra sheer gloss stocking with Lycra

CAD $28.95
Seduction Couture Stocking
by Cervin
3-Thread Edwardian style stocking
CAD $32.75
Seduction Courture Stocking-Lurex
by Cervin
100% Nylon stocking with stitched Lurex seams in Gold
CAD $62.95
by Cervin
These are your authentic Fully Fashioned Stocking!
CAD $59.95
Havana Stockings
by Cervin
Cuban heeled Fully Fashioned stockings
CAD $10.99
Cromye Stocking
by Elly
Plain top 20 denier double covered RHT stocking.
CAD $11.99
Serena 30 Stockings
by Elly
Traditional 100% nylon stocking with RHT
CAD $13.98
Perfida 15 Plain Top Stockings Sensual and gorgeous plain top stockings.
CAD $15.49
Effi Stockings

Sheer back seamed stockings in 15 denier

CAD $9.49
Cher 15 Stockings Light, transparent and silky sheer plain stockings
CAD $13.99
Lido Stockings Bicolour stockings with reinforced heel and soles.
CAD $13.95
Cruze 50 denier microfibre back seamed stockings
CAD $11.49
Katia Plus Size Stockings Satin smooth plus sized plain top stockings
CAD $47.95
Harmony Full Fashioned Stockings
by Gio

Pointed French heel with outlining shadow

CAD $47.95
Memphis Full Fashioned Stockings
by Gio

FF Pointed heel stockings with shadow pattern

CAD $38.95
Havana Fully Fashioned Stockings
by Gio
Fully fashioned stockings with "havana" style heel
CAD $44.95
Manhattan Full Fashioned Stockings
by Gio

Fully Fashioned stocking with intricate outline

CAD $43.95
Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings- Ful...
by Gio
Fully fashioned stockings in contrasting colors
CAD $26.95
RHT Full Contrast Stockings
by Gio

Contrast Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings