Stay Ups

CAD $25.95
Raffinesse 20 Stay Ups
by Kunert

Back seam w/reinforced toe and cuban heel

CAD $18.99
Light 8 Stay Ups
by Hudson
Ultra sheer summer stockings made with bicomponent yarn
CAD $21.95
Glamour 20 Stay Ups
by Hudson
Shiny, wide lace stay ups for glamorous legs!!
CAD $17.95
Image 20 Stay Ups
by Ibici

Satin sheer 20 denier stay up, sheer toes.

CAD $27.95
Mystique 5 Stay Ups
by Kunert

Ultra sheer 5 denier elegant stay ups

CAD $16.95
Fresh Up 10 Stay Ups
by Kunert
Ultra sheer summer stay-ups with climate control technology
CAD $23.49
Satin Look 20 Stay Ups
by Kunert
Sheer glossy and shiny luxury stay ups
CAD $23.49
Moonlight 15 Stay Ups
by Kunert
Sheer gloss "oil" effect stay ups
Save 25%
CAD $19.99 CAD $14.99
Plus Size Lace Stay Ups
by Levee
Fits up to 34" thigh!
CAD $15.95
Aestiva 8 Stay Ups
by Omero

Ultra sheer, elegant and transparent stay ups

CAD $22.95
Libera 20 Stay Ups
by Omero

Innovative silicone band for advanced breathability

CAD $24.95
Superb 20 Stay Ups
by Omero

Exquisite and elegant lace band Stay Ups

CAD $23.99
Geo 8 Stay-Ups
by Oroblu
Ultra sheer stay ups for elegant and flawless legs.
CAD $32.99
Suntime Stay-Ups
by Oroblu
Bronzing effect stay ups for summer perfect legs.
CAD $35.99
Prestige Up 15 Stay-Up
by Oroblu
Precious and elegant lace top sheer stay ups.
CAD $29.99
Riga 20 Stay Ups
by Oroblu
Back seamed, pyramid-shaped heel, stay ups.
CAD $28.75
ORO 15 Lace Stay Ups High quality seductive hold up lace top stockings
CAD $36.95
Vanite Stay Ups Fine tulle stay up with ultra sophisticated lace band
CAD $20.95
Douceur 8 Stay Ups Ultra sheer, resistant stay up stockings
CAD $39.95
New Parisienne A very fine lace, high quality sheer stocking!
CAD $17.49
Frappe 15 Stay Up Stockings
by Platino
Special Hidrofil cooling yarn, oil effect stay ups.
CAD $17.99
Luxe 50 Stay Up Stockings
by Platino
Opaque luxury stay up stockings
CAD $13.95
Nacar 10 Stay Up Stocking
by Platino
Mirror like finish Lace Top Stay Ups
CAD $14.99
Nylons Lace Top Hold Ups High quality lace hold up with comfort silicone banding.
CAD $19.99
Top 7 Stay Ups Ultra sheer satiny stay up stockings, elegant finish.
CAD $18.95
Top 30 Stay Ups 30 denier lace top stay ups with luxurious satin finish
CAD $24.95
Riga 15 Stay Ups Sophisticated high quality back seamed stay ups
CAD $19.99
Deluxe 15 Autoreggente Satiny and smooth lace top stay ups.
CAD $16.49
Plain 15 Stay Ups Satiny sheer plain band luxury stay up stockings.
CAD $19.95
Micro 30 Stay Ups Soft, semi-sheer luxury microfibre stay ups.