Stay Ups

EUR €14.44
Voile 8 Stay Ups Luxurious wide lace ultra sheer stay ups.
EUR €11.81
Capri 8 Stay Ups Summer sheer stay ups, very transparent and cool.
EUR €15.76
Carlotta 30 Wide lace 30 denier stay up stockings
EUR €10.49
Fanny 15 Stay Ups

15 denier satin sheer lace band Stay Ups

EUR €17.73
Lucrezia 40 Stay Ups

Wide Lace 40 denier opaque Stay Ups

EUR €13.13
Maddalena 40 Stay Ups

High quality satin stay ups in 40 denier

EUR €17.07
Athena Stay Ups Elegant ultra sheer lace top hold ups
EUR €14.44
Pennac Stay Ups

Back seamed stay ups, cuban heeled design. 20 Denier

EUR €14.44
Rosy Stay Ups Two toned stay ups in 20 denier
EUR €13.15
Valentina 15 Stay Ups Modern banded stay up stockings in vibrant colours
EUR €16.41
Margherita 20 Stay Ups Plus sized stays ups for the full figured legs
EUR €32.86
Allen Stay Ups

Leather look, completely opaque lace top stay ups