CAD $19.99
Skin 5 Absolute sheerness from toe to waist. 5 denier.
CAD $13.49
Top 7 Ultra sheer satiny pantyhose. Elegant finish in 7 denier
CAD $13.99
Top 7 Vitta Bassa Ultra sheer pantyhose with Hipster style panty.
CAD $13.99
Top 7 Open Toe Pantyhose Toeless ultra sheer pantyhose for those open toed shoes.
CAD $16.99
Micro 20 Soft, sheer and clingy, I beautiful leg experience in microfibre
CAD $21.98
Micro 30 Ultra soft 3D microfibre semi-sheer pantyhose. A luxury experience.
CAD $17.49
Silk 40

Ultra satiny semi opaque pantyhose. NO SiLK CONTENT

CAD $14.99
Top 30 Satiny, silky high quality 30 denier pantyhose.
CAD $17.95
Hipster 15 Pantyhose Firm control low waist pantyhose with satin finish.
CAD $18.95
Riga 15 Pantyhose Ultra sheer back seamed pantyhose in sheer to waist.
CAD $13.49
Top 15 Elegant sheer satin pantyhose.
CAD $13.99
Top 20 High quality executive style pantyhose, perfect fit!
CAD $13.99
Top 20 Lucido

Bright, shiny and silky 20 denier beauty. Now in pastels!!

Stay Ups

CAD $21.49
Micro 55 Stay Ups Soft, velvety microfibre tight in 3D Lycra.
CAD $26.95
Silk 70 Stay Ups Silky and shiny opaque microfibre stay ups.
CAD $18.95
Top 70 Stay Ups 70 denier opaque stay ups. Sexy and functional for winter.
CAD $19.99
Top 7 Stay Ups Ultra sheer satiny stay up stockings, elegant finish.
CAD $18.95
Top 30 Stay Ups 30 denier lace top stay ups with luxurious satin finish
CAD $24.95
Riga 15 Stay Ups Sophisticated high quality back seamed stay ups
CAD $19.99
Deluxe 15 Autoreggente Satiny and smooth lace top stay ups.
CAD $16.49
Plain 15 Stay Ups Satiny sheer plain band luxury stay up stockings.
CAD $19.95
Micro 30 Stay Ups Soft, semi-sheer luxury microfibre stay ups.
CAD $17.49
Retina Stay Ups

High quality fishnet stay ups with lace band.


CAD $12.49
Eva 15 Stockings Elegant yet practical sheer stocking with plain welt.
CAD $17.49
Deluxe 15 Stockings Elegant satin sheer lace top stockings
CAD $12.49
Eva 7 Stockings Ultra sheer, elegant plain top stockings
CAD $14.99
Riga 15 Stocking Elegant back seamed stockings in 15 denier


CAD $14.95
Top 40 Light and semi-sheer opaque tights.
CAD $14.99
Top 70 70 denier opaque tights. Great for your everyday winter wear.
CAD $25.99
Silk 70 Silky and shiny microfibre opaque tights.
CAD $28.95
Sweet Cotton Luxury cotton tights with Lycra 3D technology