CAD $26.95
Flou 5 Pantyhose At only 5 denier, our sheerest luxury pantyhose!
CAD $27.95
Effet 10 Pantyhose Extremely soft and transparent pantyhose, powder on the skin!
CAD $14.95
Douceur 8 Pantyhose Ultra sheer, transparent sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $18.49
Eclatant 40 Pantyhose Ultra satiny and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose
CAD $21.49
Veloutine 0 Ultra sheer 8 denier pantyhose with 5 denier finish
CAD $16.99
Vitalisante 30 Pantyhose Satiny and semi-sheer light support pantyhose
CAD $16.95
Setificato 40 Semi opaque pantyhose with brilliant shine.
CAD $24.95
Veloutine 30 30 denier microfibre luxury pantyhose.
CAD $14.99
Charante 20 Pantyhose Ultra shiny sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $23.49
Couture Pantyhose Back seamed with cuban heel sheer to waist pantyhose
CAD $24.49
Flou 15 Pantyhose Sophisticated and elegant with new special yarn.
CAD $16.99
Komodo Pantyhose The best "under trouser" pantyhose, sheer to waist that shapes and contours!