Alba Chiara 40 Support Pantyhose PLUS

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An everyday style 40 denier support pantyhose with a durable and elegant yarn made of double covered lycra giving your legs an energizing and massaging effect for all day relief of active and tired legs. The look is soft satin and semi-opaque, perfect for office wear. Fully boarded, reinforced panty and toe, automatic seams, sheer gusset, added back panel gusset for added comfort in waist and hips. (6-8 mmHg) Made in Italy.

15% Lycra
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These pantyhose have exceptional glide under slacks, very silky and are about as good as it gets, feel so good.
These Alba Chiara hose are a nice find! They feel great all day long and seem to get better after each hand washing. It feels nice to put on a pair of these hose after a hard ride or run. I've been buying these hose from Shapings for a few years now and I'm thankful they carry them. The quality and price are amazing!
I had always heard that European hosiery was much better than US brands like L'eggs & Hanes. I just couldn't see spending $20 on a pair of hose though. Then I discovered Shapings! I decided to try a pair of European hose and have been hooked ever since. I've always loved hose - the way they look and especially the way they feel. I don't know that I can remember a day I haven't worn hose in the last 20 years. I have now tried everything from Oroblu to Silvia Grande to Fidoro to Cecilia de Rafael. I love them all but surprisingly, these Elly Alba Chiara pantyhose have become my favorite. They don't cost as much as some of the others but they fit like a dream, look incredible and they feel fantastically amazing! I don't want to take them off! I am obsessed with these pantyhose. I wear one pair during the day and another at night to bed. I have always worn hose but even my husband has taken notice of my new found obsession with these Alba Chiara hose. Every step in these is incredible. Just sitting on the couch in these is a joy. I know most women frown on pantyhose these days but don't include me in that group. I proudly wear these with skirts, dresses and even shorts (gasp!). I went to a baseball game the other day wearing a pair of shorts, sneakers and these hose. There was a slight breeze that felt spectacular as it blew across my legs. These are amazing pantyhose!
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