Summertime 8 Pantyhose

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Ibici’s answer to great looking summertime legs. The absolutely invisible 8 denier pantyhose thanks to the micro-aereated structure and the invisible toe. Walk with confidence knowing your “bare” legs look their absolute best during warm climates. But not just for summer, wear Summertime for your evening out, an ultra sheer elegant pantyhose, especially in Black and again, the ultra sheer yarn and invisible toe, you can slide into your sandals and still achieve that bare toe look.

A slight glisten finish, with a ultra smooth feel, uniform coloring and excellent elasticity for a perfect fit with covered lycra technology.

-no back panel on any size

-flat seams

-sheer to waist

-cotton gusset

-fully boarded

-sheer toe

-Made in Italy

84% Nylon, 16% Lycra

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