Eterno 15 Pantyhose

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Sliding into a pair takes on a new meaning as you quite literally slide into them. The special fibre gives you the sheerness, look and glass-like smoothness only compared to 100% nylon stockings.

The ultra smooth and slippery sensation is the best we have experienced and we have no doubt that your legs will be in for a very sensuous treat. Topping off these beauties is it’s “laser” cut technology to give you the flattest waistband ever as there is no fold-over stitching or micro band as the waist has been litterally "Sliced" off.

The special waistband yarn has been sliced leaving a non-fraying clean edge. Highly durable fibre, flat seams, cotton gusset, fully boarded, sheer toes, NO back panel in any size so no panel in size 4,5 and 6, no back panel at all. Made in Italy

Cecilia de Rafael
65% Nylon, 35% Elastane
Size Chart:
Very beautiful and comfortable pantyhose but they are meant to be worn with very tall high-heels (note the shoes the models are wearing). If you wear them with anything less or if you are at a friend's house where shoes are not permitted inside, they bunch up in front of the ankles.
Eterno 15 have a much different feel than the rest of the line. Almost “vintage” creating a less modern elastic feel like the breeze or lucido. The nylon creates great shine while the boarded design makes a sexy ripple of material in all the right parts and places. Perfect for a girl who wears nylons daily and can appreciate retro fashion with modern feel. Color selection is great for my style just go one size up as with all vintage hosiery stretch is limited. Silky smooth feel and looks.
First impressions these feel and look so beautiful these amazing tights like the sun on a new fallen snow beautiful effect. Love these have 6 different colors and plan on getting more colors.
I know I have an earlier review of these however I must add to my previous post. CDR ETERNO 15's are the absolute best (only comparable to the Platino Cleancut 15's thus far in ny research)
I love smoothing them on and almost loathe taking them off. Their durability is sensational! They hold up like no other hose I've ever tried. I have more on the way in a cpl styles! Have been sampling European hosiery for almost a year now and have to say these thus far are the best!
I beg you to tell me of another that beats them.
Order yours today and I promise you, pantyhose phans, you will agree!
Top shelf! One of my all time favorites. Durable beyond compare! Sexy like no other. A must have for pantyhose phans!
These pantyhose are fantastic, they make me feel so sexy and my husband loves them too. You can't beat the smooth sensual feel and the attention you get when you go out...
Avid tights wearer and review tights to help others to decide to buy. These tights are fantastic, durable lycra content helps they have a great shine that gives your legs that oiled look. Have them in chocolate, red and a beige shade the fit is perfect according to size chart. I plan on getting more colors when my money situation allows. My obligation I feel is to let people know all the qualities in types of hosiery.
Nice these are awesome tights gives my big booty and legs a nice shape the colors are awesome thanks shapings
I'm a guy with a GF and we both love these Pantyhose. We both wear under our clothes and in the bedroom
I dont think there ever will be a silky pantyhose as this one. The slippery nylon is amazing.
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Eterno 20 Pantyhose Super gloss, no waistband pantyhose!
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