Eterno 15 Pantyhose

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Sliding into a pair takes on a new meaning as you quite literally slide into them. The micro-silicone coated fibre gives you the sheerness, look and glass-like smoothness only compared to 100% nylon stockings but with 35% Lycra you will certainly enjoy the fit.

The ultra smooth and slippery sensation is the best we have experienced and we have no doubt that your legs will be in for a very sensuous treat. Topping off these beauties is it’s “laser” cut technology to give you the flattest waistband ever as there is no fold-over stitching or micro band as the waist has been litterally "Sliced" off.  

The special waistband yarn has been sliced leaving a non-fraying clean edge.  Highly durable fibre, flat seams, cotton gusset, fully boarded, sheer toes, NO back panel in any size so no panel in size 4,5 and 6, no back panel at all. Made in Italy  

Cecilia de Rafael
65% Nylon, 35% Elastane
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Nice these are awesome tights gives my big booty and legs a nice shape the colors are awesome thanks shapings
I'm a guy with a GF and we both love these Pantyhose. We both wear under our clothes and in the bedroom
I dont think there ever will be a silky pantyhose as this one. The slippery nylon is amazing.
I had lots of compliments on my legs in cleancuts hoping that these wont disapoint . Sexy is silky and glossy but you aleeady know that.
Well I just received my first pair of the Eterno 15 today in the mail and just couldn't resist the urge to slip on a pair.
Very similar to the cleancut in slippery sensation and pretty much the same shine but a much more generous fit definitely worth the wait CHEERS TO SHAPINGS
Cleancut 15 brought lots of eyes on my legs, as hose do they went bad and had to be trashed. Coming back with the shine, smooth, slippery nylons, will bring back those eyes.
I've been enjoying these pantyhose for years on Myself & GF and am very happy they will be coming back soon!!
They are amazing !!
Very Slick, Shiny and Feel Fantastic !!
Probably best ever made !! ( I've tried many !! They are the best!)
These pantyhose look amazing and no back panel in the large size this is just to good to be true thanks SHAPINGS
Likewise, I have never tried on Clean Cuts as I have only been a customer of Shapings since latter part of last year only recently becoming a regular purchaser/user of fine European hosiery. When I decided I wanted to place an order, they were no longer available and the expected date just continued to be pushed further and further back.

Thank you Shapings for teaming up with CdR, my favourite brand to resurrect this long awaited product. I'm sure the long list of email pre-orders speaks for the reputation of this fine well loved pantyhose. A special thanks to Angie from the Burlington shop for peaking my interest with the news of this upcoming new arrival.
I was advised to try Clean Cuts as possibly the best PH ever - came here to order some and they never became available again. I'm hoping these are the real ticket to heaven and will be ordering some very soon in the Chocolate shade. Hip Hip Hooray for the return of CCs.
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Eterno 20 Pantyhose Super gloss, no waistband pantyhose!
CAD $16.99
Super gloss, no waistband pantyhose!
In stock