Simply 20 Pantyhose

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The Simply 20 by Hudson does just that, it simplifies your life when it comes to choosing an everyday pair of pantyhose that you can slide on and go. The 20 denier yarn encases your legs in a subtle sheen and a soft silky finish making for a very enjoyable and comfortable day in hose.

Transparent yet provides just enough coverage to hide small blemishes of your skin. The twisted blended lycra fibres provides a uniform colour and excellent fit quality that won’t leave you adjusting your hose every minute.

Sold in 2 pair packs for an excellent price which makes it easy for bulking up on a great everyday pair of pantyhose.

Shadow Toes with Run-stop


Automatic Seams

Fully boarded

2 zone comfort waistband

Size 5 with back panel

Made in Germany

84% Nylon, 16% Elastane
Subtle, robust, a little slippery and a little clingy. Husdon could repackage these with a male model on the package front, as these are a perfect fit for men. Inexpensive but worth twice their cost, these are a permanent favourite.
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