Nicole 20 Seamless Pantyhose

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Shapings has teamed up with an Italian hosiery company to produce a high quality 20 denier seamless pantyhose. These fine and delectable pantyhose completely encase your legs from your toes to your waist as if you've been dipped in nylon, clinging to ever curve. Very extendable yarn with a waistband that can be positioned low or high on the hips allowing to be worn with many revealing outfits.

Sheer toes, no gusset. Made in ITALY. DISCONTINUED, LIMITED STOCK

80% Nylon, 20% Lycra
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i love it!
These feel great and no droopy drawers as these stay tight to your crotch.
Among the many different pairs I've purchased for my girl, she finds these to be the most sensual; the absence of seams and matte look makes this one stand above the Kunert, Trasparenze, and CDR's. 20 den is not the sheerest but it happens to be really comfortable and pleasing to my eyes, especially at 5'8". Definitely worth the purchase and planning to purchase more in Sand and Black! Props and gratitude to Shapings!
Beautiful product and amazing fit to these pantyhose. Would be nice if the denier was a 12-15 and a a little softer although this improves with the first washing using special hosiery product like Hosiery Mate. These pantyhose really do look as good as pictured!
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CAD $29.95
20 Denier Seamless pantyhose!
In stock