Krystelle 30 Seamless Pantyhose

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The Krystelle 30 is a completely seamless pantyhose made from a luxurious shiny yarn from toes to waistband.

Featuring a 7cm satin flat waistband that hugs your tummy with a uniform and comfortable pressure. The yarn is quite durable and the colour is uniform.

Sheer reinforced toes, flat boarded. Made in Italy


80% Nylon, 20% Lycra
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Absolutely fantastic pantyhose. The feel is amazing! The material of these tights are simply DIVINE!!! When you touch the body, I melt from BLISS !!!
I will definitely buy from you again !!!
It's truly a shame that these are discontinued, because they were, are, and will likely remain the best pantyhose I have ever worn. I suppose all good things must come to an end, though.
I found that the waistband is average compared to the rest of the pantyhose that is absolutely fantastic.
The tights are big enought to contain "man's parts" without itching even if i wear it daily, but bigger sizes will be welcome.
The tissue is far better than Heist tights but i'll still prefere those due to the longer more confortable waistband and the unisex policy with no excessive shine (i'm not a lightbulb...) and more sizes avaible.
Absolutely fantastic pantyhose. The feel is amazing but they hold up quite well. I prefer these to Wolford fatals or neons. As others have mentioned, they do tend to ride a little bit low, but if you take the extra fabric and tuck it between your cheeks it makes it fit better.
these are excellent hosiery
If you could make a higher waist version they would be excellent. Although they are the best seamless I've bought, I would definitely recommend them 10/10
Love the look and feel of these pantyhose. The black I bought are superb both in look and feel. Definitely buying more
I've revised my opinion of these. At first, I was really disappointed with them, they really do sit very low on the waiste and tend to fall down.
However, as time has gone on, these pantyhose have proven to be EXTREMELY robust! After months of wearing, especially to bed, they are still as good as new. I think they are even tougher than Wolford Neon 40's which is saying something....
To get round the problem of them slipping down, put on a pair of panties over them, that works a treat!
For the money, they are unbeatable, if they could just be a touch more higher in the waiste they would be 10/10...
I found the material to be quite comfortable, but the waist band could come up a bit higher. Pictures show this garment coming much higher on the hip, but even with stretching it out to get the garment higher , stretches it more than the yarn will reasonably allow, without getting runners or something like that present.
Absolutely wonderful !!
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