AntiCell Seamless 100 Tights

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The New Innovation series of Seamless tights from Filodoro featuring the new Nerino G. yarn. The result of a 5 year study in synthetic man-made fibres with the creation of a new molecule that could revolutionize the textile industry. The main features of this new yarn is it’s bacteriostatic action ensuring a great level of breathability and avoids unpleasant odours of the skin for a long lasting freshness sensation. The WAVE Anticellulite properties of this yarn helps to reactivates the skin microcirculation and increases elasticity for firmer skin by using body heat. This is a permanent quality to the fibre and does not change after repeated washings.

The seamless panty design hugs your every curve with a super soft sensation and it’s high waistband gently secures the panty in place for many comfortable hours of wear without restriction. 100 denier smooth opaque yarn provides a uniform colour from waist to toes with ultimate softness. A marvellous pair of tights, the next breakthrough in fibre technology is here and ready encase your legs.

-flat boarded

-seamless panty

-100 denier

-high waistband

-anticellulite qualities

95% Nylon, 5% Lycra

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