Perfectly Natural Sideria Pantyhose

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Feeling cool while wearing pantyhose is a term that you may think is quite contradictory but with the advance technology of the Sideria yarn these hose actually do just that. You will actually feel more comfortable wearing Sideria yarn during warmer days than if you were not wearing any hose at all. Your legs will feel much dryer, they will glide effortlessly together, your feet will not stick in your shoes while perspiring.

The ultra transparency of these tights will make even the bare legged women become jealous because your legs will look so perfectly toned, you would think you applied makeup to your entire legs and feet, no pantyhose look at all.

High leg, breathable brief, invisible toe, gusset, automatic seams, 5 denier yarn with the strength of 20 denier. Made in England.

Pretty Polly
44% Lycra
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