CAD $16.49
Sevilla 15 Chic Pantyhose Oil gloss back seamed pantyhose!
CAD $14.95
Sevilla 15 Control Top Pantyhose

Sheer gloss pantyhose with ultra rear shaping panty! ON SALE! REG. $18.99

CAD $17.79
Sevilla 15 Non-Slip Pantyhose Ultra sheer oil effect pantyhose with non slip sole
CAD $25.95
Shape 9 Pantyhose
by Platino
Extreme high waisted pantyhose with light control and ultra sheer leg.
CAD $8.99
Sheer 20
by Pompea
Satiny and transparent 20 denier sheer to waist.
CAD $11.99
Sheer 30
by Pompea
30 denier sheer to waist satiny pantyhose.
CAD $26.95
Shine Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Sheer pantyhose with ankle motif
CAD $33.99
Shock Up 40 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Slimming Pantyhose from Waist to toes
CAD $17.49
Silk 40

Ultra satiny semi opaque pantyhose. NO SiLK CONTENT

CAD $14.95
Simply 20 Pantyhose
by Hudson
2 pair pack of everyday great fitting pantyhose
CAD $14.95
Simply Shine 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Sheer to waist glossy shine pantyhose in 2 Pair Pack
CAD $19.99
Skin 5 Absolute sheerness from toe to waist. 5 denier.
CAD $11.99
Slim Body 40
by Glamour
Shaping control panty with support leg pantyhose
CAD $9.99
Soft 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Soft, subtle and very comfortable pair of everyday pantyhose.
CAD $17.99
Soft Matt 20
by Hudson

Extreme softness and transparent with 3D technology

CAD $14.49
Soleil 40 Pantyhose
by Elly

High quality 40 denier satin sheer pantyhose

CAD $8.99
St. Tropez 10 Ultra sheer and glossy 10 denier pantyhose
CAD $14.99
Strip Panty Garter style pantyhose for sexy perfect legs.
CAD $35.95
Subtil 15 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
100% Nylon sheer to waist pantyhose. VERY RARE.
Save 50%
CAD $29.49 CAD $14.75
Sugar Skull Pantyhose

Sugar Skull Tatoo Pantyhose

CAD $12.49
Summertime 8 Pantyhose
by Ibici

Ultra sheer 8 denier summer pantyhose

CAD $36.95
Sun Satin 10 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Ultra sheer satin pantyhose of the finest quality.
CAD $42.95
Sun Satin 9 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Luxurious ultra sheer pantyhose.
CAD $37.95
Sunlight 10 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Ultra sheer and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose
CAD $44.95
Sunlight 15 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Sheer and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $44.95
Sunlight 20 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Shiny and silky smooth high quality pantyhose.
CAD $22.99
Suntime 15 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Bronzing effect pantyhose with Sideria bicomponent yarn.
CAD $25.95
Super Control 40
by Kunert
Control from waist to toes with graduated support. 8-11mmHg
CAD $14.99
Super Soleil 40
by Elly
The extra, extra large pantyhose for the very large body.
Save 50%
CAD $30.49 CAD $15.25
Swallow Feather Pantyhose

Swallow Feather Tatoo Pantyhose

CAD $7.49
Tactill 15 Pantyhose
by Dusen
Soft, silky and transparent comfort for your legs.