CAD $19.99
Frappe 15 Control Top Pantyhose
by Platino
High performance control panty with gorgeous non slip sole hose
CAD $16.95
Cleancut 15 Pantyhose
by Platino
Oil effect gloss pantyhose with no waistband design
CAD $20.99
Cleancut 40 Pantyhose
by Platino

The no-waistband ultra silk, semi-opaque pantyhose

CAD $25.95
Shape 9 Pantyhose
by Platino
Extreme high waisted pantyhose with light control and ultra sheer leg.
CAD $10.49
Luxe 20 Pantyhose
by Platino
Luxury executive sheer looking 20 denier pantyhose.
CAD $12.95
Premium 20 Pantyhose
by Platino
Sheer to waist "premium" executive pantyhose.
CAD $7.89
Nacar 15 Basic Pantyhose
by Platino
Mirror like finish with reinforced panty and toes.
CAD $11.95
Nacar All Nude Pantyhose
by Platino
15 denier of mirror like finish for perfect sheer to waist legs.
CAD $16.95
Luxe 40 Pantyhose
by Platino
Soft, luxurious, and satiny in a 40 denier sheer to waist.
CAD $34.95
Calais Pantyhose
by Platino
Exquisite full lace pantyhose.
CAD $17.89
Louvre Back Seam Pantyhose
by Platino
Back seam w/cuban heel sheer to waist pantyhose. 20 DEN.
CAD $9.99
Cool Occasions Pantyhose

7 denier appearance with 20 denier strength

CAD $9.99
Perfectly Natural Pantyhose Natural matt look in perfect skin tone colours.
CAD $11.99
Nylons Gloss Pantyhose Premium sophisticated glamour hosiery.
CAD $13.49
Nylons Back Seamed Pantyhose Gloss back seamed cuban heel pantyhose
CAD $12.99
Perfectly Natural Toeless Pantyhose Wear your hose but show your toes!
CAD $11.49
Perfectly Natural Sun-Oil The look of oil on your legs!
CAD $16.99
Perfectly Natural Sideria Pantyhose Very sheer and invisible pantyhose.
CAD $19.99
Skin 5 Absolute sheerness from toe to waist. 5 denier.
CAD $13.49
Top 7 Ultra sheer satiny pantyhose. Elegant finish in 7 denier
CAD $13.99
Top 7 Vitta Bassa Ultra sheer pantyhose with Hipster style panty.
CAD $13.99
Top 7 Open Toe Pantyhose Toeless ultra sheer pantyhose for those open toed shoes.
CAD $16.99
Micro 20 Soft, sheer and clingy, I beautiful leg experience in microfibre
CAD $21.98
Micro 30 Ultra soft 3D microfibre semi-sheer pantyhose. A luxury experience.
CAD $13.99
Top 20 High quality executive style pantyhose, perfect fit!
CAD $14.99
Top 30 Satiny, silky high quality 30 denier pantyhose.
CAD $17.49
Silk 40

Ultra satiny semi opaque pantyhose. NO SiLK CONTENT

CAD $17.95
Hipster 15 Pantyhose Firm control low waist pantyhose with satin finish.
CAD $18.95
Riga 15 Pantyhose Ultra sheer back seamed pantyhose in sheer to waist.
Save 50%
CAD $29.49 CAD $14.75
Black Dragon Pantyhose

Black Dragon Tatoo Pantyhose