Save 13%
USD $11.80 USD $10.23
Dublin 55 Tight
by Cette
Very soft and silky microfibre tight. Now with colours!!
USD $10.23
Athena Footless Tights
by Cette
Fashionable footless 100% Nylon tights.
USD $25.94
Coral 60 3D luxuriously soft satin opaque tight.
USD $11.02
Mercurio Soft and smooth glossy opaque tights
USD $10.20
Ave 70 Thick 70 denier tights with uniform finish.
USD $62.95
Gatsby Pinstripe full opaque shiny tights
USD $18.07
Heat 150 Thermal tights by NILIT HEAT fibres
USD $12.59
Zafiro 120 Tights Soft, comfortable, opaque 120 den. tights
USD $13.35
Zafiro 50 Tights

Lycra 3D tights for exceptional fit and finish

USD $19.65
Sublime 60 High quality Lycra 3D opaque tights in mat finish
USD $23.58
Moscu Cosy and luxurious soft wool tights.
USD $17.71
Jumbo 200 Thick and cozy, completely opaque 200 denier tights.
Save 33%
USD $11.80 USD $7.87
Attraction Cotton Tight
by Consay
Well fitting cotton tight
Save 38%
USD $10.23 USD $6.29
Voyage Microfibre Tights
by Consay
Luxury 60 denier velvet tight
USD $33.03
Diabolo 50
by Cervin
Lustrous satin opaque tights with Tactel Diabolo fibre.
USD $37.76
Manon 90 Bicolour Tights
by Cervin
90 denier opaque tights with back seam and RHT
USD $14.56
Opac Brillo
by Dusen
Brilliant shiny opaque 60 denier tights
USD $11.80
Opac 100
by Dusen
Luxurious solid opaque 100 denier tight
USD $16.50
Paola 100 Lux Glossy 100 denier microfibre tights
USD $12.59
Risca Satine Satin and shiny Pinstripe opaque tights
USD $10.98
Micro Satine 50 Shiny 3D Lycra opaque tights in beautiful shades
USD $11.02
Arctic 500 Thick, cosy, warm, totally opaque 500 denier tights
USD $16.92
Nano 60 Tights

Opaque tights in ultra soft Nano-fibre

USD $14.13
Hipster 60 Tights

Lace waist hipster opaque microfibre tights

USD $13.38
Edelweiss 150
by Glamour
3D Winterproof Breathing System tight.
USD $10.23
MicroPlus 50
by Glamour
3D microfibre tight with high elasticity. 50 denier
USD $42.48
Futura 40 Tights
by Gerbe
Opaque satiny tights with light compressive support.
USD $22.80
Velvet 80
by Kunert
Velvety soft and luxurious opaque
USD $27.52
Sensual Silk
by Kunert
Soft and Luxurious silk blend opaque tights
USD $14.92
Intense 50 Tights
by Oroblu
Soft Touch opaque clingy tights.