Nude Derm 40 Pantyhose

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The IBICI Derm products are realized with MERYL Cosmetotextile yarns, that means yarns with a cosmetic ingredient within their structure as a part of their DNA. The active ingredient of the MERYL Derm yarn is GOLDEN HYALURONAN: a composition of gold nanoparticles and hyaluronic acid. Through the use of gold nano spheres the hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and to stimulate cells to produce more natural hyaluronic acid and therefore to increase the skin hydration.

In addition, the extraordinary dermatological properties help to equilibrate the skin cells by preventing and reducing the disappointing cellulite: the volume of the body results reduced and the skin appears smoother.

Thanks to its revolutionary formula, MERYL Derm is able to balance the liquids of your skin cells reducing the volume of your body.

The MERYL Derm properties are long lasting since they are intrinsic part of the DNA of the yarn. No matter the washes or usages, its properties will remain unchanged the whole life cycle of the pantyhose.

Semi-sheer 40 denier pantyhose with invisible shaping all nude panty with wide soft waistband. The graduated massage makes your legs light and vital for all day long.

-sheer toes

-cotton gusset


-flat seams

-Made in Italy

82%Nylon, 18% Lycra

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