Nacar All Nude Pantyhose

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You have struck gold if you love your legs encased in a mirror like gloss finish. Nacar 15 is a sheer to waist gloss pantyhose that sits very flat to the skin, a yarn that has no obvious horizontal knit pattern which makes for a uniform, flat and extremely smooth silky feel. Legs will glide over each other with ease making for a perfect pair of hose to wear under pants.

Very durable, great fit, fully boarded, flat seams, reinforced toes, cotton gusset. Size 5 has added back panel gusset. A great pair of pantyhose for everyday classy dressing. NOTE: Size 4 is your Maxi size while size 5 is your shorter yet larger body sizing, please view size chart carefully. Made in Spain.

18% Lycra
Size Chart:
Very comfortable pantyhose. I love sheer to waist pantyhose with reinforced toes so I was happy to find these. The fabric is smooth and silky and provides a nice gloss but not too flashy. Wore all day to the office and through the evening out to dinner, nearly 16 hours non-stop and not a run or snag. Love it!
I were these on the subway going to work and there are a lot
of eyes on my sexy legs, my favorites are cleancut 15, I save those for my man. My favorite is and always be cleancut 15,
the finest hose I have ever felt.

i will say they are not as shiny as clean-cut but a nice substitute for them.nice pantyhose.
Have not worn these before and if you like a pantyhose that has that 'clingy' feel then these are for you. A great pantyhose to wear under your pants.
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Vidrio 15 Very fine glossy sheer to waist pantyhose in 6 sizes!
CAD $10.99
Very fine glossy sheer to waist pantyhose in 6 sizes!
In stock