Moonlight 15 Pantyhose

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The Moonlight by Kunert could not be a better name for this wonderful pair of pantyhose.  The glistening “oil” effect finish of these beauties will make your legs look just as if you dipped your legs in a vat of light oil, but with colour and cosmetic qualities.  The softness, the smoothness, the glossy perfection will come apparent once you gently slide them from toes to waist.   

An elegant pair of pantyhose, a sophisticated pair of pantyhose, a healthy summer looking pair of pantyhose, whatever you choose to wear them with, your legs will be a highlight and admired by many.  

Sheer to waist, flat seams, pressure free waistband, sandal toes with pressure free flat seams, cotton gusset, shaped heel for optimum fit, size 5 with back panel.   Made in Germany

82 Polyamide, 18% Elastane
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My favourite pantyhose so far! The fit of all Kunert's I've tried, is perfect. I've worn these for 12 hours or more and forgot I had them on. Definitely recommend for taller people.
I love these pantyhose, they make my legs glow like they have just been wiped down with baby oil. Definitely will be getting these in all colors!
These Hose are ASOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! They are so SO soft and look and feel like a million bucks! VERY durable! Keep these in your inventory, and keep these in your drawer for a fine night out!
these pantyhose are FANTASTIC! I got two pairs for my girlfriend in color's cashmere and carbon. they are much like the Cecilia de Rafael sevilla 15 but with a much nicer finish to them. they just as shiny as the Cecilia de Rafael sevilla 15. they are also very smooth to the touch. they look amazing on my girl's legs. very smooth and very shiny. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a very shiny, silky smooth pair of pantyhose. these are a instant head turner and they will make your legs look amazing. thank you Nicole and shapings. these are a great addition to your amazing store.
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