Miami 10

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Even during warmer weather, sometimes you feel an urge to slip on a delicate and ultra transparent pair of pantyhose. Not only is Miami a perfect choice for this urge, it's a choice of hose to accelerate your legs to ultra feminine status. A hose that feels light, extremely sheer, 10 denier smooth and silky and gives your legs a beautiful spa treated glow without the sense that you are wearing hose at all.

Ultra sheer to waist, flat seams, cotton gusset, sheer toe with small seams, fully boarded, size 4 and 5 has back panel gusset. A luxury pair of pantyhose made in Spain.

Cecilia de Rafael
18% Lycra
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My girl can vouch for the good remarks on these pantyhose. They fit her perfectly, and add a look that blends in perfectly with her skin tone at 10 denier, with a very subtle shimmer. Don't get me started on how they feel on already-smooth legs; you canNOT help but marvel at its smooth texture. Excellent hosiery; sure to buy more.
ESTAN PRECIOSAS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Superb fit and comfort. They are holding a half eternity and wears evenly. I see it as evidence of a well thought out design. An obvious favorite.
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