Make Up 10 Pantyhose

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Cosmetics for your legs can be a bit of a hassle, spreading it evenly, waiting for it to dry, and don't forget making it's way onto your clothes.   Make Up 10 by Oroblu can achieve perfectly polished legs and more.   Pantyhose bridges the valleys and bumps in ankles and knees creating a more softer leg silhouette.  


These single covered mat ultra sheer pantyhose with "Beauty" effect are made with precious yarns for an even, resistant, high quality finish.   Leave your make up for the face, keep the pantyhose for the legs!   

 Sheer to waist, fully boarded, flat seams with no T-band reinforcement - perfect for high cut leotards and dance wear, sheer toes.  Made with quality in Italy.

79% Nylon, 21% Elastane
Size Chart:
These are well fitting pantyhose for those of us on the taller, 5'10" + high, for the XL size. They look great, and even though at a high denier, provide softness as well.
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