Knee Highs

CAD $6.49
Different 15 Knee High
by Oroblu
Anatomically designed 15 denier Knee Highs
CAD $7.99
Dolce Vita 40 Knee High
by Oroblu
Comfort band 40 denier semi-sheer KH
CAD $8.50
Geo 8 Knee Highs
by Oroblu
Ultra sheer summer knee highs
CAD $6.99
Dolce Vita 20 Knee High
by Oroblu
Comfort band 20 denier sheer KH
CAD $11.99
Repos 70 Knee Highs
by Oroblu
Medium support knee highs in 70 denier
CAD $7.29
Different 40 Knee Highs
by Oroblu

Anatomically designed semi-sheer knee highs

CAD $4.99
Mini 15 Knee Highs
by Ibici

Soft Comfort Fibre knee high in 2 PAIRS

CAD $5.95
Summertime 8 Knee Highs
by Ibici

Ultra sheer and cool knee highs. 2 Pairs

CAD $7.99
Grazia Knee Highs

Comfort Cuff 15 denier knee highs - 2 Pair Pack

CAD $12.95
Super Control 40 Knee Highs
by Kunert

Light support semi-sheer knee highs

CAD $22.49
Fly & Care Knee Highs
by Kunert

Semi-Opaque Class 3 support knee highs (11-14mmHg)

CAD $10.95
Satin Look 20 Knee Highs
by Kunert

Satiny and shiny knee highs

CAD $7.95
Glamour 20 Knee High
by Hudson
Transparent and shiny knee highs.
CAD $12.75
Simply Shine 15 Knee Highs
by Hudson
Glossy sheer transparent Knee Highs 3 Pair Pack
CAD $9.99
Soft Matt 20 Knee High
by Hudson

Soft and matt, 3D yarn with comfort band

CAD $10.99
Total Comfort 20 Knee High
by Platino
Most comfortable knee high you will ever wear! 2 PAIR PACK
CAD $8.95
Cleancut Knee High
by Platino
Laser-cut cuff knee highs. Ultra smooth and slippery. 2 pairs.
Save 20%
CAD $5.99 CAD $4.80
Sevilla Knee Highs Sheer oil effect knee highs
CAD $16.99
Support 70 Knee High
by Cette
Premium support knee high
CAD $9.49
Veloutine 50 Knee High Luxury 50 denier 3D Lycra knee highs
CAD $9.49
Veloutine 30 Knee Highs Velvet soft and semi sheer luxury knee highs
CAD $9.49
Veloutine 0 Knee Highs

Ultra sheer make up effect knee highs

CAD $12.95
Seduzione 20 Knee Highs
by Omero

The "stay up" knee high w/floral lace band

CAD $7.99
Yupi Unisex Knee High Unisex 60 denier semi sheer knee highs
CAD $16.99
Carezza 140 Support Knee Highs
by Elly
18/22 mmHg graduated compression knee highs
CAD $14.99
Lui & Lei Support Knee High
by Elly
Smooth microfibre support knee highs. (13/17 mmHg)
CAD $5.49
Rete Moda Knee Highs
by Glamour
Wide mesh fishnet knee high
CAD $27.95
Morris Sockettes Elegant embroidered sheer sockette
CAD $7.49
Gambaletto 50
by Pompea
50 denier microfibre quality knee high. SALE, Buy 2 get 3.
CAD $2.99
Fishbone Knee High
by Pompea
Fashion knee high. ON SALE REG. $11.99
CAD $5.49
Extra Knee Highs 2PP Knee highs with generous fit around leg