Eterno Matt 9 Pantyhose

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Beautifying the legs, this is the concept of sheer hosiery. To beautify your legs’ natural appearance on the outside and beautifying the way you feel while wearing such delights. The feminine feel of silky sheer hosiery is truly life’s little pleasures and we live in a time of when technology keeps us reaching for that hosiery drawer to take advantage of these fine textile delicacies.

The Eterno Matt 9 by CDR is called Matt. We beg to difference, we call it a healthy glow, a polished shimmer, an instant spa treatment for your legs. You will discover upon holding a pair for the first time that magic will occur as you gently slide these wondrous pantyhose to your waist. The clingy “second skin” yarn not only feels soft and silky, they allow your legs to effortlessly glide over each other with such a pleasant sensation, a wisp of frictionless enjoyment!

Slick and satiny, ultra sheer and strong, sheer to waist without a waistband, like being dipped in oil to your waist. Another truly great innovation in pantyhose technology and worthy to carry the famous Eterno logo. We know you will fully enjoy the sensations of these Eterno Matt pantyhose, and we are excited to know that there will be many legs out there looking absolutely fantastic!

-sheer to waist

-fully boarded

-cotton gusset

-flat seams

-no waistband, laser cut edge

-Made in Italy

Cecilia de Rafael
60% Nylon, 40% Elastane
Just like to add the description from Shapings says it all.
By far the best pair of hose I own, and believe me i have a closet full of hose!
I don't know where the "Matt 9" name came from, these are a very glossy pair of pantyhose! My opinion, they are a thinner version of Super Lucido 20. I am sitting under a ceiling light now, and the "glow line" is fantastic! They look like the Photo in the display, I am wearing the "TE" color as I write this. Very highly recommended!
So, once placing the order the anticipation began to grow in the back of my mind. Being a big phan of the Eterno Breeze 12 and 15's I was eager to discover the 9 on Roberts suggestion.
CDR's Eterno line does not disappoint @ all!
The Matt 9 is another fabulous addition to the line! A must have for phans of hose. 12 on a 10 scale. Wearing is believing!
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