Eterno 12 Breeze Pantyhose

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Your love of pantyhose shouldn’t stop when the heat rises. We say, turn up the heat when it comes to your leg look. The Eterno Breeze is the solution for a great set of glowing, perfect legs for summer dress. The Nilit yarn miraculously wicks your body heat away and produces a cooling sensation that you can actually feel. 3 degrees cooler than your bare skin.

That’s right, you can slide on a gorgeous pair of 12 denier hose and feel much more comfortable in the heat than your friend with their bare legs. Dry feeling legs, shoes that fit nicer, your legs gliding together with a softness never felt before in a pair of pantyhose, we really do mean that.

The silkiness of this yarn goes way beyond anything else we offer and for a micro-fibre “type” feel, the Eterno Breeze shines like no other yarn having this type of texture.

Please be ready for your legs to be in for a treat here.

Made in Italy.

-Sheer to Waist

-Cotton Gusset

-Flat seams

-Sheer toes

-Fully Boarded

-No back panel for any size

We want to stress that these are an addition to the Eterno line with their own set of characteristics and we recommend that you forego with any emails to us asking the specific differences between them, especially the shine. Words really can't justify the differences. All Eterno styles hold their own great qualities and should be personally experienced to conclude your own preference. In short, all of the Eterno styles will need to be part of your hosiery drawer.

Cecilia de Rafael
62% Nylon, 38% Elastane
Pantyhose are a part of my daily life not only for work but home. This weave and elastane is by far the most sheer for denier sexy, slippery, shiny and comfortable line! The no sag parts fit in all the places giving confidence in look and comfort. After serving drinks all day getting compliments I come home and don’t want to pull them off in aggravation. Honestly, the rest of my uniform comes off and I put on an oversized satin kimono to relax.
Another winner from the Eterno line. Super silky and great fit. I’m partial to glossy hosiery because they turn heads and these don’t disappoint.
I've been kinda so so on the other Eterno styles, but these Breeze 12 denier are a MUST buy! They are superb fitting, very silky, have a nice shine but are not rough. These are excellent pantyhose and I suspect pretty durable too. Panty fits great around the waist and above the belly button w/o fear of folding down or sliding and it's not too tight. So glad I got a few pairs!
Can't rave about these enough!
Silky feel, 100%
Glossy sheen, 100%
Durability, 100%
Comfort, 100%
Price, excellent!
Next to other styled and brands, there isn't much comparison. Nylon phans will agree, thses are probably the best! Buy now!
Wow absolutely gorgeous tights they feel and look amazing will be buying lots more.
Can't say enough about these! My new favorite!
Fit perfect. Comfort sensational! Sheen awesome! Durability incredible. Price remarkable for what your buying. Sexy!
By now you can tell these pantyhose are incredible!
I absolutely love these pantyhose! Definitely in my top 5!
Since discovering European hosiery here @ Shapings, I have putchased around 20 brands and styles. I'm in the process of sampling and reviewing them all. What a joy! After wearing pantyhose for the last 40 years, mostly Hanes and Leggs, I will tell you...Eauropean hosiery is by far superior to any brand in the US. Price and durability are a must for me.
CDR is the ultimate for nylon phans!
These tights will not disappoint the snootiest of customers! I absolutely love them! So will you!
Order a few pairs! I'm ordering more now!
12 on a 10 scale!
A Phan
These pantyhose are amazing . I live in florida and sometimes its too hot for pantyhose but not these . They really do cool my legs while at the same time making them look hot ; so im told lol. These pantyhose will get your legs noticed and make you feel sexy . I am stocking up for this summer . You should to.
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