Eterno 20 Super Lucido Pantyhose

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Continuing with the amazing textile technology of the Eterno line of pantyhose, CDR has developed the Eterno 20 Super Lucido, another great addition for shiny, glossy legs. A shine never seen before, unique in it’s own way. A translucent, neon-like pantyhose featuring an anti-run yarn and “sliced” waistband that allows you to wear the closest body hugging dresses, and provides you with hours of non-confining tummy comfort.

The smoothness will have your legs enjoying each other, meaning, crossing your legs to feel the sensuality of these textile wonders will be a regular practice.

Are you ready for the ultimate in pantyhose comfort and gloss shine of Eterno pantyhose? Made in Italy.

-Sheer to Waist

-Cotton Gusset

-Flat seams

-Sheer toes

-Fully Boarded

-No back panel for any size

-We want to stress that these are an addition to the Eterno line with their own set of characteristics and we recommend that you forego with any emails to us asking the specific differences between them, especially the shine. Words really can't justify the differences. All Eterno styles hold their own great qualities and should be personally experienced to conclude your own preference. In short, all of the Eterno styles will need to be part of your hosiery drawer.

Cecilia de Rafael
62% Nylon, 38% Elastane
These are by far the sexiest, glossiest and most comfortable hosiery I own. The defining shine is so alluring and the feel is absolutely luxurious. I can’t keep my eyes or hands off them, I keep crossing and swiping my legs together. The material and fit is perfect to size. The hosiery moves with you and has great elasticity without falling or struggling to put on. These are a must if you want attention!
Didn't know what to expect, but these are amazing! Super comfy at the waist and fits perfect for my height. Highly recommend!
You like shine? Wow!
A bit long in the waist though for my regular CDR size.
Sensational hosiery
Buy them, you will love them also.
Wow CDR, you really hit a home run on this addition to the Eterno line. The quality is awesome, the durability is excellent and they look amazing on. If you are looking for attention to your legs, you are at the right tights. These tights are constantly glossy (it's like they are battery powered for brightness). I have worn them pretty much the whole day. I took them off for a moment and put them back on and they still look new with out any nicks on them. I kicked some thing by mistake and I just knew I had a hole in them. Nope, still looking great. I purchased the size 6 and usually the Eterno tights don't come all the way to the crotch area. These fit perfectly considering my height and weight.

Well done CDR on these tights. I will be buying a lot more
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