Eterno 20 Pantyhose

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Sliding into a pair of Eterno 20 takes on a new meaning as you quite literally slide into them. The special fibre gives you the sheerness, look and glass-like smoothness only compared to 100% nylon stockings.

The ultra smooth and slippery sensation is the best we have experienced and we have no doubt that your legs will be in for a very sensuous treat. Topping off these beauties is it’s “laser” cut technology to give you the flattest waistband ever as there is no fold-over stitching or micro band as the waist has been literally "Sliced" off. Perfect for tight fitting clothing for a smooth look.

The special waistband yarn has been sliced leaving a non-fraying clean edge. Highly durable fibre, flat seams, cotton gusset, fully boarded, sheer toes, NO back panel in any size. Made in Italy

Cecilia de Rafael
These are the best pantyhose ever! It could only get better if they made a seamless version of this one.
Amazing! If your a nylon phan you need a couple pairs of these. Top shelf all around! Ordering more for sure.
Awesome shine but not right colors yet.Can't wait Te or Teka colours.Could be even more glossy than Eterno 15's.Incredible sexy.
Very silky and sexy . I wore these with my bodysuit to the gym . I got lots of attention and looks in these . I'll deffinetly be wearing these again .
Love them hopefully more colors to come soon.
Just wow!!
Simply put. If you thought Eterno 15 was impressive, the Eterno 20 is the next level in terms of glossiness, smoothness, and silky feeling. The development of the Eterno product line is something to be very excited about. Don't delay your order.
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