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The pantyhose that is, "different".  How so you ask?  The wider waistband that does not dig and remains perfectly positioned at all times.   The panty is designed with a higher back to follow the body especially while sitting or bending.  

Fully boarded legs that cling to every contour of your legs leaving you a tailored fit feeling.  The invisible toes are perfect for your open toed shoes and with light seams to prevent any discomfort.  The shape of the foot ensures that the hose is positioned correctly without twisting.

A great pair of pantyhose for everyday as they move and work with you, making your legs look great and fitting fantastically for many hours of wear.  

Fully boarded, 15 denier, cotton gusset, flat seams, XL does not have back panel.  Made in Italy.

82% Nylon, 18% Elastane
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Love the high waist and will be buying more.
Mostly, I'm an avid ultra sheer, less than 15 denier hosiery lover. But the fit is so perfect with these pantyhose that they're just a joy to wear, even all day if you need or want to.

They're relatively new, but must be doing well. My size in the color I want is now sold out on more than a couple of online retailers I know. I think many of us are now on their second or third round, and are ordering these up as they can.

The fit is the best in a pair of pantyhose that I can remember of late. Different is correct, and it's true. The waistband does stay in place. They're fully boarded, or shaped to the contour of the legs, and even feet. Also, they're never too tight, but never sagging in any place like the backs of knees or ankles.

They are durable. A couple of pairs have lasted multiple washings and repeated wearings.

I think Oroblu did great research to provide such great fitting pantyhose. They've always been big on hosiery innovation and design with packaging that often gives great detail on how their products are designed. "Different" is no different ironically with regard to the high standard and technical tradition of Oroblu. The back of the package is practically an illustrated schematic on the points and areas of the pantyhose that were taken into consideration in order to be "Different".

Oroblu with this product is not merely concerned with the fashionable aspects of the pantyhose, but with also how well they fit for the wearer who they want to keep as a repeated customer.

Highly recommended as a must for hosiery lovers and a sure thing for anyone looking for a superb, quality fitting pair of pantyhose that will last some time.
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Total Comfort 15
by Platino
Oil effect total comfort waistband pantyhose, new level of comfort!!
CAD $13.95
Oil effect total comfort waistband pantyhose, new level of comfort!!
In stock