Cleancut 15 Pantyhose

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The Platino Cleancut is back in stock but they are not as the original. Still featuring the clean cut no-waistband design, this new yarn clings to every curve and encases your legs in a glistening oil effect gloss, resembling the Cleancut 9 characteristics.

The special waistband yarn has been sliced leaving a non-fraighing clean edge. Highly durable fibre, flat seams, cotton gusset, fully boarded, sheer toes, size 5 has back panel gusset. Made in Spain.

65% Nylon, 35% Lycra
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It seems like that this style will be discontinued. The only webshop that offers the Cleancut is Shapings but last time it's out of stock. I hope that Platino Cleancut will be manufactured still a long time cause they are the best on the market!
If your not wearing these pantyhose, you should be. Women dont let the men prove these hose are the best on the market, you cant wear these out, they take a hard beating. Some say men should not wear pantyhose, if women only knew how well this style wears, you women would be the ones raving. One pair can last many wears, no matter who wears them. Take it from me, their shiny, slippery,soft,and they fit and wear the best I have ever worn. Order now and I promise you wont be sorry. I love them. Mike
Best pantyhose ever. Wish there would be more colors.
Excellent choice of pantyhose!!! I would love to have in white or off white !!!
These are (by far) the absolute best pairs of pantyhose I've ever owned. You don't know glossy and silky until you've worn these, nothing else will ever measure up. I've even layered these (2-3 pairs) at a time sometimes, which feels and looks even better. The attention you get is always very noticeable.
Not only are they unbelievably sexy but the quality is amazing. Usually you have to buy the thicker/opaque kind if you don't want runs (which aren't nearly as silky) but these are very strong and durable. I've even had a pair or two with a small hole that didn't even run. I still have pairs that were worn many times that have gone through a LOT of wear and they're still almost as good as new. The waistband is even extremely silky unlike many other kinds with a more rough fabric.
They mold to and hug your skin perfectly while providing a lush glossy look and silky satiny feel. Any hands that come in contact with these on your legs and behind will surely thank you.
I wear Platino Clean Cut, and my friend ask me were I get those pantyhose from because they look great and they also look strong. I said they are also really confortable. Your going to have a other fan soon. The only drawback is that they are not as stretchy as other pantyhose and you get a bit of wrinkling behind the knees and ankles while wearing due to lack of stretch. I like to try other hose, but I alway prefer the platino clean cut. 9.5/10
Yes i've tried the silver they are quite a nice color.
They are amazing I just hope they have more coming in. has any one tried the silver???
Cant wait to get my order, l ordered three pairs.
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