5-10 Denier

CAD $11.99
Nylons Gloss Pantyhose Premium sophisticated glamour hosiery.
CAD $9.99
Perfectly Natural Pantyhose Natural matt look in perfect skin tone colours.
CAD $18.50
Cool Summer Pantyhose Premium Summer Pantyhose
CAD $11.99
Ultra Shine Pantyhose
by Aristoc
Ultra shine, ultra sheer.
CAD $16.95
Absolute Summer Vita Bassa Barely there pantyhose
CAD $11.99
Ultra Shine Control Top
by Aristoc
Ultra control top glamorous pantyhose
CAD $12.99
Perfectly Natural Toeless Pantyhose Wear your hose but show your toes!
CAD $26.95
Flou 5 Pantyhose At only 5 denier, our sheerest luxury pantyhose!
CAD $16.99
Perfectly Natural Sideria Pantyhose Very sheer and invisible pantyhose.
CAD $54.95
Opera 10
by Cervin
Finest extensible veil in the world. 100% Nylon
CAD $11.49
Miami 10 Ultra sheer elegant and gorgeous sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $10.95
New Sahara 9 Ultra natural light and cool summer pantyhose
CAD $8.99
St. Tropez 10 Ultra sheer and glossy 10 denier pantyhose
CAD $27.95
Effet 10 Pantyhose Extremely soft and transparent pantyhose, powder on the skin!
CAD $14.49
Marfil 10 Extraordinarily fine and resistant sheer pantyhose
CAD $14.95
Frappe 10 Mat
by Platino
Undetectable yarn with unbelievable second skin softness.
CAD $16.95
Total Comfort 10
by Platino
Second skin, no waistband ultra sheer pantyhose
CAD $15.95
Bodytoner Waist and Thigh Smoother Pantyhose
by Aristoc
Smoothing pantyhose for both waist and thighs, 10 denier leg.
CAD $11.49
Capri 8 Pantyhose Ultra sheer pantyhose for "Summer Perfect Legs"
CAD $14.49
Noemi 8 Pantyhose Ultra fine pantyhose with 3D microfibre for superb fit!
CAD $12.49
Etoile 10
by Elly

Absolute sheernees on the leg. 10 denier sheer to waist.

CAD $13.49
Nylons Back Seamed Pantyhose Gloss back seamed cuban heel pantyhose
CAD $19.99
Skin 5 Absolute sheerness from toe to waist. 5 denier.
CAD $13.49
Top 7 Ultra sheer satiny pantyhose. Elegant finish in 7 denier
CAD $13.99
Top 7 Vitta Bassa Ultra sheer pantyhose with Hipster style panty.
CAD $8.49
Exclusive 10 Pantyhose Silky gloss and super smooth sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $11.59
Verano Anti Slip Pantyhose
by Dusen
Oil effect summer pantyhose with anti slip sole.
CAD $25.95
Shape 9 Pantyhose
by Platino
Extreme high waisted pantyhose with light control and ultra sheer leg.
CAD $12.99
Club 7 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Ultra sheer pantyhose for a better than bare look.
CAD $18.49
Geo 8 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Ultra sheer to waist for better than bare legs.
CAD $15.99
Sensuel 13 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Ultra sheer and satiny executive pantyhose.
CAD $16.99
Make Up 10 Pantyhose
by Oroblu
Instant cosmetic for perfect legs.