Comfort4Men 40 Pantyhose

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Sore legs due to venous problems is generic and to achieve a healthy and full solution to sore legs is to wear waist high support hosiery. This insures your entire legs will feel energetic for an all day boost in productivity and comfort. Until now men have had to wear medical graduated compression pantyhose that are made for women with their legs feeling great but the panty being very constrictive around the male anatomy. Comfort4Men support pantyhose incorporates medical grade compression hose with an ingenious panty modified for absolute comfort for the male.

Non constrictive for all day wear from toes to waist with the added feature of a fly opening. Finally, the perfect solution for men with leg problems or those who want to prevent them.  Roomy reinforced toes, reinforced heels, fully boarded, special gusset fabric for ultimate support and comfort, flat seams, wide waistband, 40 denier, durable long wear yarn. Made in Germany. 12-15 mm/Hg.   Available in both High Waist and Low Waist.

Sizing: H for High, L for Low waist

87% Nylon, 13% Lycra
Size Chart:
I have been looking at these for a long time. Finally I just said the heck with it and ordered a pair. They have more compression than anything else that I wear and you would never know it. They are extremely comfortable. The fly is superb. I have worn every make with a fly and these by far have the best fly. Only time will tell how long they will last. I am already going to order another pair in a few days.
Took me a while to justify the price of these but once I spent the money I was very pleased. The brief portion of these fits perfect - Comfort4Men fit better than any pantyhose I have ever worn. They glide very well under pants as well.
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