CAD $17.95
Fine Summer 15 Pantyhose

Ultra transparent summer sheer pantyhose

CAD $11.99
Voilance Eclat 20 Pantyhose

Resistant and glossy w/reinforced panty

CAD $17.49
Make Up Mat 12 Pantyhose

12 denier Make-Up effect sheer to waist

CAD $23.95
Nude Satine 12 Pantyhose

Bicomponent invisible nude effect pantyhose

CAD $25.95
Couture Arriere 20 Pantyhose

Couture style back seam Pantyhose

CAD $23.49
Second Skin 15 Pantyhose

Exquisite and luxurious microfibre mat pantyhose

CAD $19.95
Velvet Touch 30 Pantyhose

Ultra smooth satin finish pantyhose

CAD $24.49
Compress 40 Pantyhose

Tailored fit compression pantyhose

Stay Ups

CAD $17.95
Voilance 20 Stay Ups

Glossy finish lace Stay Up stockings

CAD $22.95
Dentelle Lace Top 15 Stay Ups

Exquisite French Lace Stay Up stockings

CAD $27.95
Moderne Elegant 20 Stay Ups

Satin transparent modern band Stay Ups


CAD $14.49
Satine´ 15 Stocking

Satin smooth plain top Stockings

Seamless Pantyhose

CAD $33.95
Ultra Comfort 20 Seamless Pantyhose

Soft microfibre Seamless pantyhose