CAD $12.99
Glamour 20 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Ultra shine 20 denier pantyhose for glamorous legs!!
CAD $9.99
Soft 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Soft, subtle and very comfortable pair of everyday pantyhose.
CAD $13.95
Light 8 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Ultra sheer summer pantyhose made with bicomponent yarn.
CAD $12.95
Lilly Lafina 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson

100% nylon pantyhose w/reinforced toe and panty. 2 Pair Pack

CAD $14.95
Simply 20 Pantyhose
by Hudson
2 pair pack of everyday great fitting pantyhose
CAD $17.49
Glamour 20 Shape Pantyhose
by Hudson
Ultra shiny 20 denier pantyhose with firm control panty
CAD $14.95
Simply Shine 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson
Sheer to waist glossy shine pantyhose in 2 Pair Pack

Stay Ups

CAD $18.99
Light 8 Stay Ups
by Hudson
Ultra sheer summer stockings made with bicomponent yarn
CAD $21.95
Glamour 20 Stay Ups
by Hudson
Shiny, wide lace stay ups for glamorous legs!!

Knee Highs

CAD $7.95
Glamour 20 Knee High
by Hudson
Transparent and shiny knee highs.
CAD $12.75
Simply Shine 15 Knee Highs
by Hudson
Glossy sheer transparent Knee Highs 3 Pair Pack