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CAD $36.95
Sun Satin 10 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Ultra sheer satin pantyhose of the finest quality.
CAD $37.95
Sunlight 10 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Ultra sheer and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose
CAD $36.95
Voile Gerlon 10
by Gerbe
Finest voile yarn, ultra sheer and transparent 100% nylon pantyhose
CAD $49.95
Sensitive 30 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Semi-opaque satiny pantyhose in vibrant colours!
CAD $42.95
Sun Satin 9 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Luxurious ultra sheer pantyhose.
CAD $38.95
Desir Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Sexy lace panty designed pantyhose, 20 denier.
CAD $44.95
Sunlight 15 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Sheer and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose.
CAD $44.95
Sunlight 20 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Shiny and silky smooth high quality pantyhose.
CAD $35.95
Subtil 15 Pantyhose
by Gerbe
100% Nylon sheer to waist pantyhose. VERY RARE.


CAD $25.95
Sun Satin 8 Stocking
by Gerbe
Sexy and sophisticated plain top stocking
Save 28%
CAD $35.95 CAD $25.95
Sensitive 30 Stockings
by Gerbe
Satiny semi-opaque stockings in great pastel colours.

Men's Hosiery

Save 50%
CAD $29.95 CAD $14.95
Men Coton 40 Knee Highs
by Gerbe
Soft and luxurious cotton knee high.

Seamless Pantyhose

CAD $49.95
Invisible Pantyhose
by Gerbe
Seamless panty for the most close fitting of dresses.


CAD $53.95
Futura 40 Tights
by Gerbe
Opaque satiny tights with light compressive support.

Support Hosiery

CAD $45.95
Drain Up 20
by Gerbe
Top quality sheer support pantyhose.

Garter Belts

CAD $69.95
Sensation Garter Belt
by Gerbe
Seamless satiny garter belt, 4 strap design