Save 34%
USD $14.77 USD $9.81
by Cette
Quality 30 denier beauty!

Stay Ups

Save 32%
USD $28.78 USD $19.69
Salzburg Seamed Lace Hold-Ups
by Cette
Pyramidal heel seamed Lace Top Hold Up

Knee Highs

USD $12.87
Support 70 Knee High
by Cette
Premium support knee high


Save 48%
USD $20.45 USD $10.61
Kiev 90 Tight
by Cette
Premium 90 den. Lycra 3D tight
Save 47%
USD $25.75 USD $13.60
by Cette
Gorgeous pinstripe in silver lurex!
Save 47%
USD $24.23 USD $12.88
by Cette
Two colours herringbone fancy tight
Save 50%
USD $25.76 USD $12.88
by Cette
Floral design fishnet tights
Save 42%
USD $32.57 USD $18.90
by Cette
Lace waistband pantyhose.
Save 48%
USD $26.13 USD $13.64
by Cette
3D lycra based cotton pantyhose for superb fit quality.
Save 50%
USD $22.69 USD $11.36
Spirano Pantyhose
by Cette
Spiral pattern sheer to waist fashion Pantyhose, 20 Den.


USD $9.84
Athena Footless Tights
by Cette
Fashionable footless 100% Nylon tights.
Save 13%
USD $11.36 USD $9.84
Dublin 55 Tight
by Cette
Very soft and silky microfibre tight. Now with colours!!


USD $22.72
Reform Control Panty
by Cette
A great support, shaping panty
Save 32%
USD $25.75 USD $17.39
Save 40%
USD $37.84 USD $22.69
Evolution High Waist Girdle
by Cette
Full support high waist girdle
USD $32.57
Relax Capri Shaper
by Cette
Slim and tone from waist to knee