CAD $54.95
Opera 10
by Cervin
Finest extensible veil in the world. 100% Nylon
CAD $43.95
Seduction Couture Bicolore Pantyhose
by Cervin
Edwardian style back seamed pantyhose.
CAD $43.95
Emilie Luxe 15 Pantyhose
by Cervin
High quality sheer gloss pantyhose in 15 denier.
CAD $29.95
Lido Pantyhose
by Cervin
Lingerie look French lace high cut panty. Very Sexy!

Stay Ups

CAD $39.95
Agnes Couture Stay Ups
by Cervin
Sheer and luminous back seamed stay ups.
CAD $89.95
Rive Gauche
by Cervin

A true classic 100% Silk Stay Up Stocking


CAD $59.95
Liberation Stockings
by Cervin
Fully fashioned semi opaque stockings, 45 denier
CAD $67.95
Champs Elysees
by Cervin
100% silk stocking, traditional beauty!
CAD $21.95
Capri Bicolore Stocking
by Cervin
Contrasting bi-colour welt 100% Nylon stocking
CAD $31.95
Capri 7 Stocking
by Cervin
100% Nylon extremely transparent stocking
CAD $28.95
Capri 10 Stocking
by Cervin
100% Nylon transparent stocking
CAD $24.95
Capri 15 Stockings
by Cervin
100% Nylon RHT stockings in 15 denier
CAD $28.95
Seduction Couture Stocking
by Cervin
3-Thread Edwardian style stocking
CAD $32.75
Seduction Courture Stocking-Lurex
by Cervin
100% Nylon stocking with stitched Lurex seams in Gold
CAD $62.95
by Cervin
These are your authentic Fully Fashioned Stocking!
CAD $59.95
Havana Stockings
by Cervin
Cuban heeled Fully Fashioned stockings


Save 39%
CAD $32.95 CAD $19.95
Tropical 8 Pantyhose
by Cervin
3D microfibre for summer fresh beautiful legs.

Fashion Hosiery

CAD $27.95
by Cervin
Spiral patterned fashion opaque tights.


CAD $41.95
Diabolo 50
by Cervin
Lustrous satin opaque tights with Tactel Diabolo fibre.
CAD $47.95
Manon 90 Bicolour Tights
by Cervin
90 denier opaque tights with back seam and RHT

Garter Belts

CAD $99.95
Chenonceau Garter Belt
by Cervin
French couture 6 strap garter belt with 12 clip design