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Do you have any questions about how to size your garment? Can't decide which selection will fit perfectly with that new dress? Just ask Nicole, your shapewear expert.  She has years of professional expertise and will quickly reply to whatever shapewear questions you may have...

Why does the back on my bra ride up?
The bra is too loose around, try a smaller band size, but remember the cup size will have to change as well.

Why am I bulging out of my bra?
Try a larger cup size, but keep the same band size.

Why do I always fall out the bottom of my bra?
One of 2 reasons 1)Your cups are not large enough or deep enough therefore a larger cup size is required or 2)the band is too loose allowing your breasts to fall below the bra, a smaller band is then required. Or a combination of the two.

How do I get lift without pushup pads?
If you wear a bra which fits correctly you will receive lift without padding.

Why do the underwires hurt me?
Usually, it's because you're wearing the wrong size thus allowing the wire to dig into the breast, you would need a larger cup to allow the wire enough width around the breast, or if the bra is too loose around allowing it ride up, it will allow the wire to dig into the ribcage, There are, however, some clients who are extremely sensitive and just cannot wear underwires at all. In these cases I would recommend the client choose soft cup bras instead.

Why do my shoulder straps always fall down?
Many of my clients have sloping shoulders thus causing the bra to continuously slip down, we offer styles that are designed to eliminate shoulder straps from falling. If your shoulders are not sloping try tightening the straps SLIGHTLY to prevent slippage.

Why should I buy a bra for $50 when I can buy one for $20?
I recommend to my clients to purchase what is comfortable, whichever cost that may be. Please do not compromise your comfort for a little savings if you find the more expensive bra more comfortable. And also, you do get what you pay for. The more expensive bra will last longer.

How do I care for my bra?
If you want the bra to last, NEVER, EVER wash them in the washing machine, even the delicate cycle is very harsh on a bra. Hand wash and hang to dry. Your bra should be washed after every wearing as your body oils will deteriorate the synthetic fibres.

How often should I replace my bra?
That would depend on your own personal change and how you care for your bra. You should replace your bra anywhere from 6 months- 2 years.

Why should I spend $15 on a pair of sheer pantyhose when I can buy some for $6.
Hosiery manufacturing has improved so much in the past 5 years. New fibres and knitting technologies all contribute to a better fitting pantyhose thus increasing the cost. Sheer hose will always snag but it's the knitting pattern that prevents it from running. Also, the feeling on your skin is most important as well, when you HAVE to wear pantyhose, why not make it enjoyable not torture. Would you rather have "burlap" wrapped around your legs or a silky second skin. We find that European manufacturers to be more innovative and geared toward quality, comfort and especially the look of the hose thus importing increases cost as well.

I need to wear hose to hide blemishes and smooth out my skin tone but I don't like the hose look.
With the new yarns that are showing up, hosiery now seems to disappear once on the leg. Our Pretty Polly line has two styles, Cool Occasions which is a totally unique yarn, and Perfectly Natural which comes in many skin tone shades. Aristoc has a style called Ultra Sheer which is basically a make-up for the legs and give you a super soft and smooth feeling. Some of us can't always go the bare look especially in professional environments but wearing these innovative yarns we can definitely appear to be.

I like the support on the legs but don't want the tightness of a control top as well.
Our Philippe Matignon line has what is called Revitalise 70Nu or Aristoc Ultra Support. These hose help to stimulate blood flow and massage your legs to give you a bit of a boost during the long day. They both are sheer to waist and designed for comfort but without that tight feeling of a control top.

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